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What is our work

Since 2007, Poverty Breakers has been dedicated to change lives of the poor by providing:

Assistance provided to start up small businesses to reach towards self sufficiency ie to help purchase a rickshaw, a sewing machine or a vehicles which help generate household income.

Poverty Breakers has been set up to aid the underprivileged in India. Poverty Breakers also helps in Enfield in special circumstances.

Poverty Breakers raises funds to help street children, the sick, and the poor in India. It provides education facilities for the poor children, gives help to the sick and helps to set small businesses for the poor people so they can become self sufficient.

Ongoing maintenance and provision of school furniture of 4 schools which educate poor children in the villages of Gujarat .

Provide meals programme for the homeless living on the streets. Preferably to provide a meal first thing in the morning to see the homeless through the day.

Provision of paid education for exceptional poor children in educational establishment.

Provisions of clothing, school uniforms, stationery, slippers for up to 300 children in these 4 schools.


Poverty Breakers Mission Statement is to transform lives of the underprivileged people and children in India and in exceptional cases in Enfield.

The mission is implemented by providing assistance through:

Support for poor families

Poverty Breakers supports poor families , by providing moral support and guidance during difficult circumstances in their lives.  PB ensures that the children from these families are in full time education. All education expenses are paid for by the charity. PB will step in to provide additional assistance in times of family in crisis.

The aim is to induce the family out of poverty through education, support and guidance by making them financially independent.

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Support 4 schools

Poverty Breakers supports 4 schools in the State of Gujarat in West India.  These schools receive basic funding from Indian Government.  Poverty Breakers provides stationery, clothing school uniforms, school furniture and sees to the maintenance of these schools.

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Support for school children

Up to 270 children benefit from PB support.  The aim is to attract poor families to see the benefits of educating their children to make a better future for them. To give an opportunity to the poor children to experience schooling and to create a feeling of enlightenment about the world around them .

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Together we make all the difference

Support for school children

Up to 270 children benefit from PB support. The aim is to attract poor families

Support 4 Schools

Poverty Breakers supports 4 schools in the State of Gujarat in West India. These schools



As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.